Principles of Operations Management

The APICS Principles program is ideally suited for organizations looking to train their operations and non-operations staff. Choose from onsite, offsite and instructor-led courses. We're here to work with you to create customized training solutions for your team, whether you need:

  • Foundational training for specific operations management roles
  • Targeted training for unique operational challenges within your organization
  • Cross-functional training for senior managers
Principles of Operations Management
Principles Designed for your Workplace Requirement

The APICS Principles of Operations Management program includes five courses, and nine sessions . People Synergy mix and match the 45 sessions across all five courses to create a customized training program for your team.

Principles of Inventory Management : This course provides participants with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities in inventory control and its impact on business. Includes an introduction to essential industry terminology and identifies the skills needed to apply basic inventory management skills.

Principles of Operations Planning : Imparts fundamental knowledge on basic manufacturing planning principles and techniques incorporated at each level in the planning process, from strategic to tactical.

Principles of Manufacturing Management : Provides an introduction to modern manufacturing management concepts and practices.

Principles of Distribution and Logistics : Introduces participants to distribution and logistics management foundations. The nine sessions explore inventory management, transportation management and operations, warehouse management and other topics.

Principles of Managing Operationst : TThis course provides participants with a fundamental understanding of the concepts and decision-making tools required for organizational process management and control involved in designing and operating the manufacturing and distribution environment